About BCAFC colours, crests and nicknames

About the evolution of BCAFC crests and identities…

Rejection of a new BCAFC crest (Oct/Nov-22)

Bradford City AFC & the Boar’s Head identity

Application of the Bradford civic crest

How Bradford City became known as the Bantams

The claret and amber yoke shirt

The ‘bc’ logo of 1974-81

Bradford City monogram / scroll badges

Bantam identity of the 1980s

The BSA Bantam character

The origins of the City Gent identity

On VINCIT you will find this feature about the history of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue nicknames

The club colours:

Military origins to claret and amber

Traditional BCAFC shirt designs

Revival of white by BCAFC 2019/20

For detail about the origins and historical development of Valley Parade look under ‘ARCHIVE IMAGES’ on the menu above.

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