Views of Valley Parade in the 1960s

Aerial Photograph from 1966. (Burlington Terrace properties demolished shortly after.)1966 valley parade

Floodlights were installed in 1961 and these images were taken from atop shortly after installation and the roofing of the Bradford End in the same year.view from floodlights 1960s x2view from floodlights 1960s x3view from floodlights

Image dating from 1959-60. Note the telegraph pole floodlight installation.VP 1960

Image believed to be 1963VP 1963

Midland Road c1962




midland road[12373]306892226355119016..jpg



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Valley Parade of today (photos taken by myself at the Stephen Darby Testimonial July, 2019)

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Valley Parade and the Bradford landscape

Other galleries to follow with links updated from here.

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