Published in the match day programme: Bradford City v Accrington, 01-Jan-2019

Happy new year and welcome back to Valley Parade. A special welcome to our visitors from Accrington and congratulations from everyone in Bradford for what your club has achieved in the past twelve months – an inspiration to our friends at Horsfall and their ambitions for Bradford Park Avenue AFC.

I wonder how many households had Subbuteo games left under the Christmas tree last week? If you go back to my own childhood forty years ago it was pretty much guaranteed that Subbuteo was on the Xmas wish list of schoolboys. I recall the entertainment that the game provided, not to mention the worn knees of my jeans. Those were the days in which Bradford City regularly competed in the World Cup and on occasions were victorious in a home in Heaton.


What I didn’t appreciate at the time was that the original BCAFC Subbuteo team (reference #23 in the catalogue) was popular nationally on account of the unique colours. Claret and amber thus provided an alternative to the ubiquitous red/white and blue/white combinations.


By the 1980s, production economies forced Subbuteo players to be moulded as flimsy plastic figures that made those of the 1960s and 1970s seem heavyweight by comparison. That said, even those were rarely able to withstand the crunch of being knelt on. However, in the 1950s the figures were even flimsier, printed on celluloid and affixed to plastic bases.

subbuteo celluloid city

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