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Published in the match day programme: Bradford City v Walsall, 15-Dec-18 

It is a modern phenomenon to buy a Christmas card at Valley Parade as opposed to your local newsagent or supermarket. The idea of a Bradford City themed greetings card would have been unheard of in the olden days although before World War One it was not unusual for people to send team postcards in the mail.

xmas 1958.jpg

The current practice, which is consistent with elsewhere in the commercial world, has been for football clubs to adopt bespoke card designs based around that club. Token images, typically a fir tree, holly or a Santa Claus as opposed to Christian symbolism, have then been incorporated. In essence the modern equivalent is a football card issued at Christmas as opposed to what was previously a Christmas card given by a football club.

The adoption of Christmas cards as tools of marketing and promotion to commercial bodies means that the circulation of football Christmas cards is much greater now than was the case historically. Furthermore, Bradford City Christmas cards (in addition to wrapping paper and birthday cards) have also been a regular stock item in the club shop for much of the last thirty years.

Traditionally football clubs used to send regular cards. Other than a printed insert (for example as in 1958) there was little to distinguish them from what could be bought in the shops.

xmas 1981

Featured are cards from 1958 and 1981 both of which display the club crest of the time. That of 1981 shows the crest introduced that year with the revival of the Bantam identity.


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