Laughing altogether: the new Super L666ds badge


There’s nothing better than a Super Leeds Chuckle, the equivalent of the ‘Leeds Salute’ enjoyed by those of us who enjoy a good laugh at the latest exploits of that team east of Pudsey.

For a club that has been adventurous in the design of football crests, their new Mussolini / Gaviscon inspired badge is a classic deserving to be remembered. The designer responsible should be congratulated. No longer will Super Leeds appropriate the Yorkshire rose and at last they have a stylish badge that truly epitomises the passion (sic) of their fans.

Leeds United claim that the design has benefited from the feedback of 10,000 of their supporters. And I believe them because the new badge likely appeals to the neanderthal element in their support. It blows away any pretence of a family friendly club and instead celebrates the borish morons who have defined the reputation of Super L666ds. It is a badge that will remind people of exactly what kind of supporters Leeds United attract – the ones we remember setting fire to a chip van at Odsal and lobbing seats on the pitch at Valley Parade.

The biggest laugh may yet be to come. Don’t rule out the possibility that the Elland Road executives have ordered new shirts and merchandise bearing the design. The release of the new badge in January hints that the timetable was based on production schedules in China and the likelihood that a button has already been pressed. Pity the L666ds luvvies who are upset, it might just be too late for the decision to be reversed.

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