Wool City Rivals update

The fifth volume in the BANTAMSPAST ‘HISTORY REVISITED’ series covers the twentieth century rivalry of Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue, continuing the story of their rivalry as rugby clubs narrated in ROOM AT THE TOP and LIFE AT THE TOP published last year.

The intention is that WOOL CITY RIVALS – which could as easily be described as FALL FROM THE TOP – will provide a definitive record of the City / Avenue rivalry and contain a considerable collection of memorabilia and relics of the two clubs. Whilst most of the research has been completed, considerable work is needed to finalise the design and artwork. If anyone has interesting examples of memorabilia that could be featured I am very keen to hear from you.

Refer tweets: @jpdewhirst or em glorious1911 at paraders dot co dot uk

*** Anyone interested in Bradford sports history is encouraged to visit VINCIT: http://www.bradfordsporthistory.wordpress.com/ which has new articles published monthly. The most recent is the story of the Bradford Charity Cup and a prestigious trophy that was competed for by rugby union, northern union and association football clubs.

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