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The Stranglers…

A tribute to my favourite band, featuring a gallery of images from their world tour in 2019.

The Stranglers March, 2019 tour photos

Dead Loss Angeles, May 2019

Dave Greenfield RIP, photos from the world tour 2019-20


Sundry concert photos…

Wilko Johnson and Norman Watt-Roy from York in April, 2019…



UK Ramones, Clitheroe in April, 2017…

WP_20170422_20_55_47_Pro (4).jpg

The Eskies, Bradford in July, 2018…


Ruts DC Sheffield in September, 2017…

WP_20170922_21_11_54_Rich (2).jpg


North Korea

I have visited the country in 2005 and 2019. My photos are online from the link below. How better to get away from it all? No calls, no email, no news etc.

The image above shows members of the 1966 DPRK World Cup team who were presented with Bradford City shirts in 2005, subsequently provided to a youth team in Pyongyang.

Photographs from my visits to the DPRK



Two wheels An engine. Lovely fumes. No brakes. Mid-life crisis. Hopefully something to add about my speedway ambitions, these from Glasgow in 2017 and Scunthorpe to follow this summer.

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